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The Holmer Terra Variant DLC is available for Farming Simulator 19

It was not the 16th, but the 14th that the DLC Holmer Terra Variant was to see the light of day. It is therefore available now on all platforms (PC / MAC, PS4 and Xbox One). As a reminder, this pack, already present for Farming Simulator 17, contains the following equipment :

  • HOLMER Terra Variant 435
  • HOLMER Terra Variant 585
  • HOLMER Grain tank GB 25
  • HOLMER Multi tank MB 35
  • ANNABURGER spreader XM3
  • Zunhammer Glide-Fix 15
  • Zunhammer Vibro-Grubber
  • Zunhammer Slurry tank TV585

The range of Holmer tool holders therefore comes equipped with the same for the pleasure of the nostalgic players. And most importantly, it’s free. For the players of the PC version box, the download is here.

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