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Field Data to learn all about his parcels on Farming Simulator 19

On Farming Simulator 19, there is already a window in the lower right-hand corner to give you some basic information when you move to a field. Type of crop, growth state, fertilization, and weed. The modder xDeekay nevertheless wanted to go further and offers the mod Field Data.

Field Data, as the name suggests, displays above your fields additional information. We find in particular the exact surface (in hectare) of the field but also of the ground which surrounds it. Ideal to make you pay for your performances during a multiplayer RP game. But the tool goes further and also displays the prices and quantities of seed, lime, fertilizer liquid or solid, and herbicide, necessary to carry out your work.

Attention, with the use it will be necessary for you to configure the keys to display these information. Just open the “commands” menu and scroll to the end of the list to assign the desired combination to show / hide this menu. For 19 ko, this mod is definitely a must-have in your add-on list.


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Simple, we wonder why the information displayed is not immediately in the game.

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