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Farming Simulator 21 will include the Seasons mod

Oulala! You saw him come 100 km away this dirty title! And yet it’s not my style to write lies. But then why this article? Quite simply that as an old man of Farming Simulator, there is some information released by Giants Software that does not deceive.

Back from the Farmcon, where the newly released Seasons mod was heavily applauded by the audience, we all received an email from Giants Software. This email, a simple satisfaction survey, included no less than twenty questions. But finally, only one would have made me leap from my seat screaming: “It’s not possible! The mod Seasons finally arrives in the game!”

So yes and no, it’s just a guess. But the question asked by the developer is just obvious: Are the players at the Farmcon – in other words, rather serious players and interested in the game – want the mod Seasons directly in the game?

What does this question say?

This is a simple question, followed by 4 answers: “If something was missing from real life, what would it be?” And the 4 possible answers:

  • Crop damage related to climate and weather conditions (perfect sowing date, drought, etc.)
  • Leaf diseases, insect pressure and control measures (protection and yield optimization)
  • High tech agricultural equipment / control (GPS-driven sprayers, digital field monitoring, etc.)
  • Precision farming (variable yield)

How not to make the connection with the mod Seasons while this one even adds all these characteristics to Farming Simulator (except insects)? Especially since the previous question was “Do you think the game is realistic enough?”

From there to saying that Giants Software is interested in (very) close to the features of the mod of Realismus Modding, there is only one step, and I dare to cross it.

Bruno Giacobbé

Créateur de (mais pas que). Joueur de Final Fantasy avant d'être joueur Farming Simulator. Passe la plupart de mon temps dans un monde virtuel. Prend un bain de boue sur SnowRunner entre midi et 2.
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