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Results of Mod Contest FS 19: our Dangreville grab is doing well

Last Friday’s Farmcon was the opportunity for Giants Software to host the Mod Contest Farming Simulator 19 awards ceremony. Vnsfdg2 finishes first thanks to the public vote with its Agro Pack, a mod including 2 fertilizer spreaders, a stubble cultivator, and a mower. Against all odds, our dump Dangreville finishes 6th of the general classification.

The ceremony lasted almost an hour. It was an opportunity to thank the modders community for the tremendous work done on the game. As such, 4 trophies were awarded based on the total number of downloads of all mods of a modder or a team. Teams like VertexDezign, Realismus Modding, LS Modcompagny, Agrartechnik Nordeifel and many others have millions of downloads. Black Sheep Modding receives the gold trophy for having exceeded 25 million downloads, thanks to Old Stream Map.

Niggels et Grisu118, Vertezdezign.

Youngtimer Special section by Focus Home Interactive

For the “Youngtimer Special” section, the Driver300 and Gracjan26 moders, for their Ursus C355 / C355M / C360 pack, were awarded Focus Home Interactive’s 1000 euros check for third place. Poland’s Rolnik410 Karas Proxim Svitch pack takes 2nd place in this ranking and earns 2000 euros. In the lead, we find the package AutoSan D50 and D55 moddeur Kasztan18 which leaves with 3000 euros in pocket.

Swiss Futur Farm prices

  1. Oxygendavid
  2. 3XMG Team
  3. DD ModPassion, Mirozed, MarcoFiat850

General classification – Public vote

  1. Agro Pack Vol.1 / Vnsfdg2
  2. Pöttinger Novacat A10 Cross Flow / Chrisi136
  3. Bressel und Lade BigBag Pack / VertexDezign
  4. POM Brodnica Sigma Plus Parcelle / Bociek17, Ostry
  5. Pöttinger vitasem 302 / MefiuFs
  6. Dangreville B One 32 B / Simulagri Modding
  7. TopliftStaja and Trentsysteme / bm-modding and Wopster
  8. Bossini B350 / Sbaffo Farming _ Matteo07810
  9. Kongskilde GXF 3205 / no.naim
  10. Broyeur Haybuster H-1130 / Misfit Toyz
  11. Automarketing / farmerfivetom
  12. Vaderstad Cultus 300/350 / Matt26
  13. John Deere 1110D Eco III / Inf
  14. Grand atelier de mécanique / Knottypine
  15. Knoche KSE 2X / Die Moddingecke
  16. Rovic Leers DLB19 Pack / Steenkamp Modding
  17. Duchesne Benne 16T / Kamilos0397
  18. Scarok The Car / North Modding Company
  19. Agpro Pack / Beunheas, Jantjetennis ft. JD7530-Chris
  20. Troisième Personne / ViperGTS96
  21. SYN TRAC / ImpTS
  22. Veenhuis Silagedistributor / [DMI]20mmNormandy
  23. Irrigation system / JD_Power / Hoffi
  24. Guettler SuperMaxx CultivatorPack / Rick Black Labele TWD Modding
  25. Mod Palox / Juju-62

Best maps

  1. Geiselsberg / Max Wild, T0biifarming, FNB Modding
  2. Greenwich Valley / GreenBale
  3. Ellerbach / Moos Agrar

Relive the event on the Farming Simulator Youtube Channel

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