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DLC Claas Farming Simulator 19 and Platinum extension are just one

The Farmcon 2019, which takes place in Harsewinkel at Claas headquarters, was the opportunity for Giants Software to unveil the Platinum edition of FS 19. Unsurprisingly, the German manufacturer is part integral of this new DLC which will arrive on October 22 on all the platforms for a price of 19,99 €.

To the surprise of many players, this extension does not include a new map. Besides, only the Claas material is present. But what material !!! The list is long, the presentation did not finish, and applause also at each sailing survey. Everything is there or almost. The Axion, Arion, Xerion and Torion will of course be there. For the crops, Tucano, Jaguar, Lexion and Dominator will take care of your parcels and will be able to empty their contents in the Cargo. You will be able to mow with the help of the Disco and to press with Rollant Uniwrap combi. When we tell you that the pack is complete!

Side realization, it is a faultless. The models are simply bluffing. The animations are breathtaking. The hoses follow the movements of the Xerion cabins, and the tracks of the Jaguar are entirely in 3D. The developers do not talk about polygon budgets for each model but it is obviously high.

The pack is available for pre-order now. These give access to 2 additional vehicles: the old Dominator and the recent Torion.

Bruno Giacobbé

Créateur de (mais pas que). Joueur de Final Fantasy avant d'être joueur Farming Simulator. Passe la plupart de mon temps dans un monde virtuel. Prend un bain de boue sur SnowRunner entre midi et 2.
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