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Farming Simulator League: how to play

We had already read the rules (available here), but we knew nothing about the events. Giants Software lifted the veil on June 5th. If the video has not been clear to everyone, we detail below the various stages and rules of the game.

First you must create a character as it will appear in the game The options are identical to the game as we know it. Then we must select the team in which we will play. It takes 6 players to start a game (3 for the blue team and 3 for the red). There is a team captain, who will also be a player.

A strategy story

A list of vehicles appears, this is the “pick & ban”. A phase during which the captain will choose which vehicles will NOT be used. Each vehicle has its own characteristics: Speed, power, mass, front loader, tires … The choice is strategic!

Then we must choose the vehicles that will be in play. Again the right choice is crucial and must be done in agreement with your team. These tractors will have the role of pressing the balls and carrying them. Once the vehicles are chosen, it’s time to select 2 “power plays”, these badges that will improve your performance such as stronger acceleration, higher speeds, autoload for balls, etc.

A map divided into 5 zones

The match starts on a map with 5 zones. Each team has its own fields. The first zone is the spawn zone. At startup, you have 10 seconds to switch vehicles with other members of your team. There is no teleportation, you must move from one tractor to another on foot.

The second zone is a space consisting of eight podiums on which 4 harvesters and 4 presses are placed randomly. Each team has these 8 podiums as the map is mirrored. When a competitor climbs in the equipment of the podium number 1, for example, the machine of the podium number 1 opponent disables and thus wastes time to the opponent.

WARNING: if the opposing team takes the 4 harvesters OR 4 presses, the game is over! You lost ! It’s a quick tactic and it’s the fastest way to win a round.

The third zone is the wheat field. No mystery here, you have to reap as quickly as possible. In the middle of your square plot is a transborder. To reach the fourth zone, that of the ball unloading, you will have to go through bridges. But beware, when you go down a bridge to pass, that of your opponent will rise to block it! That complicates things well.

To score points, everything happens here. But the count is a bit peculiar. If you unload a ball directly into the lower part of the barn, you score 10 points. If you place it on the conveyor that brings the ball to the top, you score 10 points multiplied by a coefficient indicated under the stopwatch at the top of the screen.

The coefficient in question does not vary at random. It increases with the amount of wheat you bring to the fifth zone: the village. The more your silo fills up, the more your coefficient increases, while that of the opposing team decreases. And Giants Software did not stop there! The higher your coefficient, the slower your ball conveyor. This leaves time for the opposing team to deliver their wheat and put you in the game. Are things complicated? The slower your conveyor is and the faster your opponent is … until it has broken down “because of overheating”, it gets crazy!

When your coefficient multiplier is at maximum, your opponent has his conveyor blocked, but yours does not pay more (in other words, a ball is equal to 10 points …) It is therefore a team work that will have to be put in place to have a good coefficient and put balls that earn a maximum of points in the upper part of the barn. After 15 minutes, it’s the end of the game. The team with the most points wins the round.

Some tips

The first to put a ball in the barn doubles the points of this ball. A half-time loose drone 2 “power plays”. The first boosts the balls points, the second increases the value of the wheat delivered.

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