Our review on MudRunner’s DLC Old-Timers: awesome map, no-interest vehicles

This is a DLC that we did not see coming. Between his announcement and the release date, only a few days have passed. With this new free DLC, 2 new vehicles and a new map. Does the gameplay change?

Vehicles, do we really need them?

MudRunner is a game with many mods, as well as Farming Simulator. The addition of 2 new vehicles was clearly not the priority. On the menu, a Chevrolet Napco 3100 and a GMC DW950. The Chevy is a fairly agile and powerful old four wheel drive to make its way into the most technical maps. It will easily find its place alongside the traditional jeep of the game. For the heavyweight however, we are still looking for interest. It comes with 2 relatively complex maps, off this vehicle is not off-road. In the end, it is found immediately in the map “Rocky Hill” but it is not used as it is unusable as soon as the terrain is complicated. In the map like “The desert” you will not do 400m without getting bogged down.

The map break the routine

Do you want to deliver logs? You’ll be delighted to hear that the developers are introducing some minimal changes to this level. Let’s start with the map “Rocky Hill”. Here we find a greenish decor worthy of the DLC American Wilds. A little color in a mountainous terrain where you still need to deliver wood, but not just how. No collection points or log kiosks, but small trailers preloaded with some logs. They are towing with cars. The Chevrolet takes the service, while the GMC remains on the bench. It changes gameplay and strategy a bit. Go get a trailer is simple, bring it back becomes complicated. In this map, no garage will come to your aid. Just like wood, a multitude of repair trailers is to discover to overcome the level. Overall, the difficulty of the “Rockies” is well dosed although a little easy.

You will take a little desert?

Let’s go to dessert, oops … in the “desert”. Have you tested this “certified” mod on PC? In principle, it consists of sand. Except in MudRunner. If the 90% of the map is covered with dunes, the remaining 10% is nothing more than a mixture of sand + water + earth. And this mixture will overcome the craziest gear! Even my favorite Euro 6 Tatra stayed stuck regularly … so the others, do not talk about it. The Napco 3100, however light, will not have the right to the slightest exit of track. As for the GMC DW950, again, it is totally dropped.

Why are you talking about this map? Because once again, we go out of the usual gameplay where we have to deliver logs. On this map, several garages locked, and no garage point to hang out. To unlock them, there is no choice but to leave the original garage with repair trailers on the back. But the releasing of the garages is not our priority, we must deliver the sawmills. There again no wood. This time it is fuel that will have to be delivered to ensure the smooth operation of the factories. Also 6 trailers are placed on in the corners of the desert. To recover them and hope to deliver them, take out the heavy artillery, and leave aside the gear provided with the DLC. Here we opt for trucks with minimum 6-wheel drive. Be careful because there is no petrol station to refuel. Only way to do it, troubleshoot your vehicles and send them back to square one. In short this map yellowish decor is surprising and is not the simplest.

For the 2 maps presented in this article, going really slowly and without big mistakes, we can quickly get to 2 hours of play to supply the sawmills. Not bad for free content!

A surprising DLC

Global rating

We expected rather MudRunner 2 in the 2nd quarter of 2019, it is finally a DLC far from being disappointing that is born. Without revolutionizing the game, it remains in the lineage of American Wilds and offers a few extra hours of play and always welcome.

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