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Focus What’s Next: Farming Simulator developers answer our questions

On April 10 and 11, 2019, Focus Home Interactive received the press at its annual What’s Next event during which it is possible to meet the teams of various games of the French publisher. On this occasion we were able to ask some questions to the Giants Software team.

You have unveiled the DLC Anderson, beautiful work, but you seem to have some difficulty in validating the mods that arrive. Apart from the number, are there many bad quality mods?

Giants Software : “Calling them “bad” might be the wrong term but many actually do have similar issues why we have to send them back to the modders and ask for adjustments. Just to name a few common mistakes:

  • Wrong descVersion
  • modIcon doesn’t have the white template background
  • HUD visible in screenshots
  • Second screenshot of maps is not a map overview
  • Wrong textur format. DXT/3 is not allowed
  • Shader, Shared and BaseGame textures aren’t linked to $data “

The Berthoud mods were unveiled … then no news. Yet at Sima, the manufacturer has announced that other equipment was planned, including the self-propelled Bruin. Will this equipment be delivered individually, or via a pack?

Giants Software : “The Berthoud cooperation is a long term one. We might show more as part of a preview in the near future but don’t expect them to be released this year. I can’t tell more at this stage though.”

Release of the game, mods validations, DLCs, every 2 years… if the cycle was 4 years, for example, would you have more time to validate the mods?

Giants Software : “I don’t think that changing the cycle to 4 years would make validating mods faster, to be honest. Maybe in the later years, when people know better which pitfalls to avoid but not just after the launch of the game.”

Will you maintain this cycle? We can reserve domain names :)?

Giants Software : “We’ll see ;)”

What are the advantages and disadvantages of this cycle?

Giants Software : “With a shorter cycle you have less time implementing and polishing features. If the cycle is too long you end up draining resources or even have parts of the team waiting until they can finally fully get in action. DLCs can help there, so that in the concept phase for the next game, the vehicle team can already add something to the current game.”

Theoretically, we should have a mobile version in 2020. Are you already working on it?

Giants Software : “We are working on a mobile and Switch version but more details about it will follow later this year.”

Tell us about the remarkable management of the workers of the mobile version. They know how to deliver the trailers to the different points of sale. Why not add this function to FS 19 when workers were advertised as “improved”?

Giants Software : “The current version of the mobile game doesn’t allow you to create new fields and modify the environment. It also doesn’t support mod maps. This makes it possible to set fixed routes that the AI can find and then drive on them. In FS19 for example you can modify a lot, even more now with the landscaping and placeables. It would be very easy to destroy or block these routes. If the workers should be able to e.g. deliver goods then you have to keep all this in mind and they should work all the time. We need to find a solution that’s easy to use for the player but still works under all circumstances.”

What about a Nintendo Switch version? is the console powerful enough?

Giants Software : “We’re working on a Switch version but similar to the last version on Nintendo Switch we need to figure out what will run good on it and where it’s too much for the console. We can’t port it 100% identical.”

Let’s talk about the esport. Giants Software created the surprise by announcing a league for FS. What are your ambitions ? Would you like to expand the popularity of the game? Or just give it a more fun side?

Giants Software : “We’d like to add an extra layer of gameplay to Farming Simulator but with a focus on activities that already exist in the game. I think you can compare it to the real life farming competitions that also exist. It’s also about content generation and making it fun to watch and cheer for your favorite team – or even take part as a team. If you think about the events we visit, after a launch of a new game we often don’t have a lot of new stuff to show for our fans, who already own the game. With the competitions we have a way of interacting with them independent from that.”

Let’s talk a bit about competition. We had talked about Cattle and Crops together 2 years ago. The title should be out at the end of the year. Do you think that some players demanding in terms of simulation could switch to this title?

Giants Software : “I’d say it’s good if people have options and there is a variety of games in the market. If you look at other genres, like shooters or racing games, some people play multiple titles, some stick with one but overall it expands the market to a wider audience. More people than ever are playing Farming Simulator and we are also dedicated to grow that even further in the future.”

Do you work hand in hand with the team, who develops the CoursePlay mod?

Giants Software : “We regularly are in touch with the CoursePlay guys to make things work as good as possible, yes.”

At the Giants Software development studio, at noon, is it burger or pizza? 😀 (If you have a funny picture of the team …)

Giants Software : “We actually do have „Pizza Mondays“ twice a month. So I think it’s fair to say that pizza wins this. However, we have some burger fanatics here who rate each burger in the region. That’s more for dinner though.”

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