Farming Simulator

A decade of mods to arrive at “that”?

At the time when we were denied the Sniper spreader on the modhub because of these 90000 polygons, now the test team of Giants Software has just validated the mod of the century. A rich detail object with these 12000 polygons.

“If you make too many polygons, you have to justify it”

It is in these words that Giants Software recently responded to our interview about access to the official modhub. But now, the times are changing, and today is a … garden gnome (we let you judge the usefulness of the thing) that is on the site of the developer. Compatible with all platforms, the gnome however displays 12,000 polygons on the scale. It is almost as much as the LeBoulch trailer  that Hugo Marius sent us in test recently (!)

I know that there is a very strong community around the garden gnome, but really, for once, some things escape me.

No thanks


This mod is beautiful, we will not say the opposite. But it is the attitude of Giants Software that will earn him this rating.

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Bruno Giacobbé

Créateur de (mais pas que). Joueur de Final Fantasy avant d'être joueur Farming Simulator. Passe la plupart de mon temps dans un monde virtuel. Prend un bain de boue sur SnowRunner entre midi et 2.
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