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Why prefer Modhoster to download mods

Competition is tough on mod download platforms. And yet (or .com), the colossus with feet of clay, resists. Here are, among others, why.

Because it’s a serious site

You probably remember my article on theft of mods. Some platforms were mentioned. Modhoster was not one of them. And for good reason, it is the first site of this type to have emerged. And if he is still standing today, it’s not for nothing. On the platform, mods are put online by modders and only them. You will not find a mod “uploaded by the team modhoster” or by any self-proclaimed king. Links are respected and modders poorly paid for by the download areas.

Because it’s been almost 10 years since it lasted

8 years at the time of writing, an eternity for a website, and a colossal amount of data and mods published since. The site counts no less than 55000 mods on its platform. No other site displays such a result, and this real mod king will be hard to bend … but do we want it?

For versioning

Without doubt the greatest interest of modhoster today. The site keeps mods and date versions. Also find the first versions of the map North Frisian march, “because on the dedicated server it is not the 1.3 but 1.2” is a breeze.

Because it’s not just Farming Simulator

If FS was the game that launched modhoster, since then the site has made its way and offers FS mods since version 11, but also Cattle And Crops, ETS, ATS, Spintire, Ski Region, etc. Once again, the platform is leader in this field.

Because you have to support Cattle and Crops

You may not know it, but is managed by the fine team of Cattle and Crops. Yes that explains the permanent ad for this game in the banner of the top. Cattle and Crops will benefit from the strong reputation of the site upon arrival and you will know immediately where to find quality content.

Because it’s a way to track WIP modders

Few modders use it, but the Work In Progress part of modhoster is a good way to know the trends in terms of modding. As I write these few lines, I can see that a dozen maps should land soon: a great monitoring tool to plan my tests in the long term or just to monitor some new modders that are stand out.

For my part, the only point is enough for me to choose only and definitely modhoster. The modding suffers from a lack of renewal lately, mods theft partly explains this trend. Daily since last November and the arrival of Farming Simulator 19, we can read modders who leave the ship definitively, used to seeing their work duplicated and re-hired to the right on the left. Modhoster is the only 100% serious site to date. The others only take support on it, without weakening it … for the moment.

For Valentin of the Simulagri team, “the theft of mods is more of a mentality problem … on Nexusmods, no one would ever dare to steal a mod, thanks to a very strict policy put in place by the site. found on underground sites and well hidden.In Farming Simulator, I do not understand too much delirium, other than funding by download links.”

Bruno Giacobbé

Créateur de (mais pas que). Joueur de Final Fantasy avant d'être joueur Farming Simulator. Passe la plupart de mon temps dans un monde virtuel. Prend un bain de boue sur SnowRunner entre midi et 2.
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