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Farming Simulator and theft of mods : who benefits from the crime?

Why do you think modders are demanding that the mod download links they provide be respected? 2 reasons for that. Being able to control the number of downloads and make sure you have a few well-deserved dollars for their work as an artist. Normal somehow. Unfortunately a grain of sand came sneaking into the cog., or, all these sites offer to host game mods and not necessarily those of our favorite farm simulations. Most have monitoring tools (download counter, geolocation, etc.). When downloading a mod, these sites display advertising slots and offer to share the income with the modders or at least with the people who made the file available. Example with which gives $ 5 for 1000 downloads. reverse 5$ pour 1000 téléchargements. reverse $ 5 for 1000 downloads.

The vultures are on the lookout

In short, in a perfect world, a modder would give everyone the link of his mod, and the players would download it to pay the creator. Yes but … Sensing the good vein, for a very long time already, platforms like, or even, more recently and to speak of a French case,, proposes you to list all mods existing game – here Farming Simulator – to “facilitate your search”. In fact, it is not so. These sites are primarily online to make money on the back of artists. How? By simply downloading the modder file, and uploading it back to their own account. Or by attracting a maximum audience on their site via their Youtube channel with titter titles like “this map is beautiful 😲” when it is not. Google ads do the rest.

Is it legal?

Yes and no. Modders can not say too much about Giants Software, because using the Giants Editor implies the prohibition of explicitly selling a mod. It is registered in the contract (EULA) during the installation of the software. But copyright, on the other hand, applies to all original creations, whatever they are. Scripts, textures, 3D modelizations … In the theory, to appropriate a mod is passable of a heavy sanction. In practice, it is very difficult to enforce your rights when the download sites are located on the other side of the Earth.

Example with a moddeur who contacted us recently to have seen 2 of these creations on a platform of mods. The links have of course been changed, the revenues are no longer modder but the creator of the site, which in addition displays a download counter (!) “My mods have been downloaded almost 10,000 times in 2 days. This is little, but the shortfall is $ 50 over this short period of time. Do the calculation per day, when we see that this site already displays more than a hundred mod almost all stolen while it has just been launched. It’s a shame, they take the community for pigeons.” says the creator, unmotivated.

What to deal with this scourge?

Ideally, you have to look at the name of the initial moddeur, and, rather than download via these platforms, go to the modding teams website or facebook page, or, which respects the links. Often you will find the download links of the latest versions, followed by a note “Please respect the original link”. Hoping to be heard…

Bruno Giacobbé

Créateur de (mais pas que). Joueur de Final Fantasy avant d'être joueur Farming Simulator. Passe la plupart de mon temps dans un monde virtuel. Prend un bain de boue sur SnowRunner entre midi et 2.
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