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DLC Anderson Group for FS 19 expands forage and forestry opportunities

The DLC Anderson is finally here, and with him no less than 13 materials. Fodder and forest oriented, this pack is keeping its promises against a community of players ever more demanding?

Unexpected. Everything happened so fast. Return of Sima (agricultural show in Paris) just a month ago, where the manufacturer Anderson timidly announced that he “was going to be in Farming Simulator”, without we can say in what form. And a few days after the new grave, it’s a DLC. And who says DLC, says many materials. For this pack, the manufacturer spreads its range: mixers, trailers, press, straw blower, wrapper. Rarely has an extension been so complete.

Mixers, straw blowers and trailers do not revolutionize the game

Breeding in Farming Simulator has never really been satisfied. The 2 mixers and the straw blower present allow without problem to maintain a small flock, but what is it when the flock becomes really big? The comings and goings at the heel of the beasts quickly becomes annoying, the fault with the small capacities of the materials of origin. The pack Anderson, if it does not revolutionize the way of working, however brings 2 high capacity mixers (double compared to the SiloKing), avoiding incessant round trips to feed your animals. A straw blower that can ingest 2 balls is also welcome. A comfort of work which one does not tire.

The M160 forestry trailer with grapple has a capacity identical to the already existing Stepa, but does not have a telescopic arm. Its price is accordingly since it is displayed 3 times cheaper. For a starting investment in forestry work, it is a good choice. On the side of the trays aggregators of balls, already present under other brands in Farming Simulator, Anderson displays, like the mixers, more loading capacity than the competition. The operating principle remains unchanged, we advance, we catch, we charge … we discharge.

New gameplay possibilities

But the power of the DLC Anderson, well beyond the tools, is the new opportunities available to players to manage grass silage and poplars, thanks to new gear. For poplars, it is now possible to harvest with a combined grinder-press. A blade of protection is also part of the equipment, it is to be mounted at the front of the tractor to bed poplars on the ground. The press passes over the trees, shreds them and presses them. The set works as a standard press. We stop when the alarm sounds, we unload. The compacted chips can then be delivered, with, why not, the new Anderson Ball Bunkers to the sawmill.

For the grass, it is now possible to coat the round-ballers in a straight line. Two tools are available. The IFX 720 Xtractor in-line wrapper for round bales, and the Hybrid X Xtractor capable of filming round and square bales. These 2 machines have an engine that makes them independent in their operation. You drop them with your tractor, then feed them grass with a telescopic for example. There is no limit of length. Once made, just “unpack” the rounds one by one. Simple.

Obligation to purchase?

Will you fall for this new Giants Software pack? If you play mainly in multiplayer, there is a chance that this add-on is needed quickly and that you are forced to buy it to join the other virtual farmers. Compatible PC / MAC, Xbox One and PS4 from patch 1.3, the DLC Anderson group is a safe bet. We remember the DLC Ropa for FS 17, which finally brought only material, while here the gameplay around the breeding is significantly improved.


  • Anderson Group A700 – Mixer
  • Anderson Group A950 – Mixer
  • Anderson Group BioBaler WB-55 – Wood Baler
  • Anderson Group Bumper – BioBaler WB-55 attachment
  • Anderson Group HYBRID X XTRACTOR – Bale Wrapper (round and square bales)
  • Anderson Group IFX720 XTRACTOR – Bale Wrapper (round bales)
  • Anderson Group M160 – Log Loader
  • Anderson Group PRO-CHOP150 – Bale Processor (round bales/square bales)
  • Anderson Group RB580 – Bale Wrapper (round bales)
  • Anderson Group RBM2000 –Bale Mover (round bales)
  • Anderson Group RBMPRO 2000 – Silage Wrap Bale Mover (round bales)
  • Anderson Group STACKPRO7200 – Bale Stacker (square bales)
  • Anderson Group TSR3450 – Bale Mover (square bales)

Giants hits hard

Overall rating

Quality materials, improved gameplay, that's all you expect from a DLC. Giants has, it seems, find the right recipe.

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