Farming Simulator

Upper Glantal, a small village in Germany reproduced on FS 19

Oberes Glantal, in German, is a complete map created by Acert, a modder who is not at his first attempt since he has more than 100 mods to his credit since FS 2011. As well as saying that there was a lot to expect from this map. Verdict.

A small template, this is what characterizes at first glance this map of the German Acert. It represents its region through a hilly and forested setting. 2 real villages are represented: Rehweiler & Gimsbach. They are small but have all the points of sale necessary for the game. The parcels are realistic, with varied forms, never square, ranging from 800 m², for the smallest, to 6 ha. In some fields, there are even small groves, which the moderator made “Compatible CoursePlay”.

In “new farmer” mode, you start with a complete equipment, and a plot on the other hand too small. The basic part focuses on dairy farming. The map has several forests for players interested in forestry work. Multiplayer compatible if you are not too many, the moddeur assures us want to make it evolve, and encourages us to share with him our queries on his account modhoster. At all good!

Super map for solo player

Overall rating

Its size makes it ideal for solo players. Complete, it reflects the reality and the German decorations.

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Bruno Giacobbé

Créateur de (mais pas que). Joueur de Final Fantasy avant d'être joueur Farming Simulator. Je surveille de près Cattle And Crops et pleure sur le défunt Pure Farming. Je fais également un bain de boue dans Spintire MudRunner entre midi et 2.

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