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Update 1.4 puts Pure Farming back on the scene

Pure Farming 2018 continues its progress and could well continue to overshadow the giant Farming Simulator with an update 1.4 which brings its share of improvements and novelties.

Since its release almost 1 year ago, there was no reason to believe that the title of the IceFlame studio, published by Techland, would stand up to the titleholder of the agricultural simulation for so long. And yet, the game has continued to be improved until the 1.3 update which has unfortunately put a few sticks in the wheels of the studio and tainted the title by problems of artificial intelligence rather unwelcome. Today developers expect to reset the counters and punch on the table with the update 1.4 which show that the team of this “small independent game” still under the elbow.

Artificial intelligence: workers on the way to be the most qualified

The peeve of Pure Farming 2018, the workers have always done their work in a basic way, without taking initiative, like those of Farming Simulator, and far behind those of Cattle and Crops. Worse, with the 1.3 update, the developers had rewritten the AI ​​code from scratch, and the workers were no longer able to harvest the potatoes … But that was before. With the update 1.4, IceFlame had promised to correct the shot. The team did better than that! The workers are today fully functional, autonomous, and even store the equipment once their task is completed. And icing on the cake, we can now put several workers, up to 5 on PC and 3 on consoles, on a task in a field. We can now assign them all types of work, including the passage of the press after harvest, making them more “talented” than those of competing titles. In Pure Farming, just like FS 19 now, it is possible to send your farmer to lie down and pass the time. When you start a worker on a task, if you pass, for example, 24h, you will find the finalized work, and the material placed on the side of the parcel, stored. Ideal if you are in a hurry!

Point fort de cette amélioration : les ouvriers rangent le matériel, dételé, sur le côté du champ.
Strong point of this improvement: the workers arrange the equipment, uncoupled, on the side of the field.

Vehicles: 2 new licenses, and not the least

The hardware is today the main gateway for an agricultural simulation. Often, players are passionate about tractors before being masochists of the Prim’Holstein. Giants Software understands this with the 300 vehicles and countless mods of Farming Simulator, which now has the largest catalog of materials. This is of course one of the flaws of Pure Farming. The Polish title plays the functional rather than the plural. In PF, there is no point. Each material is unique and has characteristics that differentiate it from another, for example the power of a tractor, or the cutting width of a harvester. Nevertheless, to satisfy the demand of the players, the development team makes the effort to establish some partnerships with known and recognized manufacturers in the agricultural world.

Thus 2 new firms appear in this update 1.4: Deutz Fahr and Dewulf. For the first, 2 tractors, the 6165 of 164 hp and the 9340 TTV of 336 hp, but also the combine C9206 and these 2 cutting bars of 7 and 9 m, land at the dealership! For the equipment Dewulf, 2 harvesters potatoes, the RA 3060, with a capacity of 11t, and the Kwatro, with a capacity of 17.5t, satisfy farmers with large plots. Note that the workers are comfortable with these tools despite their size.

A highly anticipated culture

Remember. Pure Farming is an excellent game with regard to the breeding part. Unfortunately to feed the cows, it was imperative to mow the edges of the road in search of the smallest blade of grass. A nonsense for a breeder! Once again, it’s ancient history. A new crop is available: grass. And the management cycle is complete, from sowing to wrapping. The harvest has not changed, you always have the choice between the press or the self-loading trailer. All we need is corn and we will be almost full breeders.

Les nouveaux ouvriers savent bien comment gérer la fauche de l'herbe.
New workers know how to handle grass cutting.

Significantly Improved Graphics

IceFlames is almost a year away from the Unity engine that propels Pure Farming 2018. And Szymon Wawruch, Bart Antecki and the rest of the team are beginning to master the graphics. As soon as it was released, the first words we wrote were “Watch your eyes!” Visually successful, the game benefits from all the latest technologies. For this update, the settings are refined and gain in precision, particularly in terms of lighting, softer, with more realistic shadows on the contours of 3D models. The display performance does not suffer from this gain in realism, and all runs in “High” on a laptop with a nVidia 960M card, and “Ultra” on a desktop config and its 1070 GTX.

Always welcome gameplay ideas

The young Polish team likes to differentiate itself with small elements of gameplay that occupy you a few hours: search for gems, Easter eggs, ghost treasure hunt for Halloween, … the ideas are not lacking and this update is no exception to the rule. After updating, your cards will display a red question mark that will prompt you to go to the indicated place. Once there, you will discover an old man. Go talk to him, he will offer you, against a few tickets, to sell you a used fuel tank that you can transport and put wherever you want. You will have to wait 4 days to recover your property, the time of its restoration. Practice.Your virtual farmer now has, to facilitate his nocturnal movements, a led lamp hanging on his shirt. And while we are talking about the night, the drone, allowing you to browse your map while reading the parcels information, is now equipped with night vision. What you take for Sam Fisher. Side options, no big upheaval, if this is an item “wilting crops” that you can activate or not depending on the difficulty sought in the game.

Modding is not left out

Each update brings a lot of news. It respects the rule and it is now possible to import plows, and configure mirrors. As usual, the import tool is easy to use, all the work is “pre-done”.

IceFlames, a dynamic studio

Pure Farming returns to the forefront today and becomes an increasingly credible competitor to Farming Simulator. IceFlame’s small team shows here that they are able to maintain and significantly improve their flagship title. Similarly, the developer seems to listen to the players. Will we be growing corn in a future update? Because it does not miss more than that to please definitely American and European players.

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