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10 reasons to prefer Pure Farming 2018

The version 1.4 is there and replace for the occasion Pure Farming 2018 in direct competition to Farming Simulator 19. Like the recent article on the latter, here are 10 reasons to prefer the Polish title to the German champion.

1 – graphics

This is 1 year that the game is on the market, and Unity shows what it has in the belly (and still, we are far from what this 3d engine is able to do). Well before its competitor, Pure Farming exhibited modern effects such as ambient occlusion, vignetting, bloom, depth of field, motion blur, and so on. All effects that have arrived on FS with version 19. The result is there, Pure Farming is a clean game, no frills, but still requires a muscular configuration to take the whole.

Sur Pure Farming, quand il pleut, ça se voit.
On Pure Farming, when it rains, it shows.

2 – Artificial intelligence finally at the top

When it was released a year ago, Pure Farming had functional workers but nothing more. It could happen to meet some bugs. The developers chose to rewrite all the code of the AI from scratch with the update 1.2. But instead of improving things, they made the game totally unplayable. The workers did not know how to work properly. Faced with the anger and misunderstanding of the players, IceFlames had sworn to make a suitable copy with the update 1.4. It’s done, and better yet. The workers are now able to handle all the tools of the game, including the press to perform the round-ballers, what the competitor’s workers are quite unable to do without installing CoursePlay mod. For a solo player, Pure Farming is the game that today has the best AI.

Les ouvriers sont capables de presser.
Workers are able to squeeze grass and straw.

3 – The last Deutz-Fahr harvester

How to remain unaffected by the green of the latest Deutz Fahr reapers? The company is illustrated in the game since the last update and steals the show to other agricultural simulations that is content only tractors of the brand.

La Deutz Fahr C9206, une moissonneuse polyvalente qui trouve sa place dans Pure Farming 2018.
The Deutz Fahr C9206, a versatile harvester that finds its place in Pure Farming 2018.

4 – Livestock and its more complete cycles

Breeding is undoubtedly one of the strong points of Pure Farming. Sheep, cows, pigs, poultry, rabbits, goats … There is plenty to do. All animals have several stages of evolution, so you will not see a cow but a calf when you buy your first cattle. The cow ends her career in ground beef. We’re not vegan at IceFlames, nor at Simulagri ^^

Dans Pure Farming, les bovins naissent veaux.
In Pure Farming, cattle are born calves.

5 – Different gameplay

The balance between play and simulation in Pure Farming is different from competing titles. On some points, it is more advanced in the simulation, with for example, the impossibility of maneuvering behind or laterally a plow planted in the ground. Nevertheless, the physics of tools and vehicles make the game more “fun” and fun, less “headache”. On this point, it is up to everyone to judge.

6 – Foreign maps and their crops

No inconsistency in Pure Farming. The rice is in Asia, the olives in Italy, and the fumette in Colombia: D In other words, this is not the kind of game where you grow sugar cane or cotton in Germany. Strong point of the game, it is a pity that the system of displacement in plane is not more pushed in its use, and one finds oneself too often to player on the map of departure. Nevertheless, the ability to juggle from one map to another to see a little scenery or sunbathing in Italy is established, and this is the only game to offer.

La petite île Italienne où il fait bon récolter olives et raisins.
The small Italian island where it is good harvest olives and grapes.

7 – The modding “for dummies”

Shortly after the launch of the game, the developers have introduced an integrated and simplified modding tools. Maybe a little too much will say the most picky modders. Nevertheless, creating a mod in PF is simple and often only takes a few hours. At each update, the tool evolves and integrates new vehicles. It is also possible to import your own characters. Remember that it was not until the 19th version of Farming Simulator to only change the farmer’s outfit.

8 – Scripted modes for city dwellers

Agricultural simulation games are often difficult to apprehend for those who are not from the field or who do not live in the countryside. Giants Software offers since the first FS a mission system to learn to play. Cattle and Crops also. Farm Manager and Pure Farming go further and offer a scripted mode in addition to missions on a case-by-case basis, plunging you into a story well-crafted on a heritage background. A real TV series!

Un scénario pour vous guider dans les grandes lignes du jeu.
A scenario to guide you in the main lines of the game.

9 – Developments at each update

Will there be a Pure Farming 2020? 2022? 2024? We do not know. But one thing is certain, IceFlames, driven by Techland, keeps its game updated and adds new content without having to buy the license. Buy Pure Farming is a bit like saying we will get our money’s worth. So yes the original content is thin, but the developers show us their motivation to push the game forward with each update. And, at the time of annual Fifa or cycle franchises, we can only welcome the approach.

10 – To play the rebels and support the independent game

It took until 2018 to have a slew of agricultural simulations to see the day. Choosing Pure Farming is supporting the independent game against the giants of video games. Because yes, IceFlames is not Ubisoft, and without this competition sometimes a little violent, some developers fall asleep on their laurels. And just for that, it is sometimes good to look at what is done elsewhere.

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