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10 Reasons to Prefer Farming Simulator 19

Version 19 is here and many of you have stayed on FS 17 or other agricultural simulations. We could quote 300 reasons to switch to this ultimate opus, but here are the 10 most relevant.

1 – Graphics

It was time. Even if each version of Farming Simulator brings some improvements, version 19 comes down to nail down the 17. Depth of field, ambient oclusion, bloom, texturing system revisions, all the ingredients are there to bring FS 19 to the sides big blockbusters. Try to go back to the previous version … it stings!

2 – The mods

Strength of the game since the beginning, FS 19 does not derogate from the modding rule. It took a little time to see the first maps arrive, especially on consoles, but it’s old history. Today the delay is catching up with speed V and most modders have switched to the new version of Giants Editor, the tool for creating content for the game, to propose scripts, vehicles, and tools. And as always, the best mods are found on the official modhub, a guarantee of quality.

3 – John Deere

They were already present via mods on FS 17, here they are officially on 19. The John Deere gear is integrated, and faithfully reproduced. This is also the strength of the partnerships between Giants Software and machinery firms. The guarantee of having the material reproduced identically, both aesthetically and functionally.

John Deere displays an “almost” complete range.

4 – Breeding wherever we want

This removes a little interest in the additional maps, but today it is possible to place your farm where you want on the maps. The gameplay is easy since we can group the different farms (cattle, pork, horses, etc.).

Les bâtiments sont désormais plaçables. Il suffit de les acheter en boutique.
The buildings are now placeable. Just buy them in the shop.

5 – Ravenport

We like or we do not like. Ravenport is in my opinion the most crazy map of the game. Great, sublime, varied, hilly … no map previously created for the series was able to couple all these criteria. One thing is certain, you need something for everyone and Ravenport seems to please most players, even the most demanding.

The quality of the decorative elements of this FS is breathtaking.

6 – No need for map with landscape tool

And as if that were not enough, the Landscape tool, unloaded with update 1.2, gives you the ability to model any map at will. This tool is also ideal for taking your first steps in map creation since terrain deformations work globally identically in the Giants Editor. In short, with such a tool in hand, one could almost wonder if there is still interest in using third-party maps.

La "boule verte" représente le curseur permettant de modifier la surface d'une map.
The “green ball” represents the cursor allowing to modify the surface of a map.

7 – Unchanged gameplay

Since the first Farming Simulator, overall the gameplay has not been revolutionized. It is a defect but also a quality, because the handling of FS 19 is immediate for who has already played the version 17. We quickly find our benchmarks, the keys remain unchanged … the cheats too ^^

8 – A super solid community

On the way back to modding, but not only. Farming Simulator is a community of reinforced concrete, whether on modding sites, youtubers, pages and Facebook groups … In short, millions of players at hand to help you or just to play .

9 – The improved multiplayer

The multi is the second great strength of Farming Simulator. To the point, this mode had not evolved since FS 13. Of a formidable simplicity to implement, it opens the doors to new possibilities of play up to 16 players and comes to compensate the shortcomings of the artificial intelligence a not too simplistic. For this latest version, Giants Software enhances player cooperation by adding a “each his farm” mode, and that changes everything! Each player has his own farm, his own equipment and his own finances.

Chaque joueur possède sa propre ferme, son propre équipement et ses propres finances.
Each player has his own farm, his own equipment and his own finances.

10 – E-sport

Only for SPF and other car races, the e-sport opens, under the leadership of Giants Software, Farming Simulator and offers to go much further than the very closed “Farming Simulator Championship”. The League Farming Simulator will offer this year a dozen tournaments throughout Europe. Your keyboards !


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